Email Protector cloaks email addresses in your Joomla! website, making them unreadable for spambots. Email Protector is a replacement for the Joomla! core email cloaking plugin. The core email cloaking plugin has a couple of issues and shortcomings. Email Protector solves these issues. No more javascript issues. The core email cloaking plugin uses the javascript document.write method, which is outdated and can cause issues with other javascripts. It also relies solely on javascript to cloak the email addresses, which means that if the javascript fails for whatever reason, you cannot see the email address at all. Email Protector cloaks the email addresses in a different manner which solves this issue. It uses both CSS and javascript to cloak the email addresses. When javascript fails to load, it will still display the email address to the visitor, but in a cloaked manner.

Особенности :

Not only in articles

The core email cloaking plugin is a content plugin. This means it only works in articles and content that is specifically passed through the content plugins. As a result this often means that email addresses in modules and 3rd party extensions are not cloaked.

Email Protector is a system plugin and is written in a way that it will cloak email adresses in your entire website. So also in modules and 3rd party extensions.

Leave it like it is

The core email cloaking plugin has the option to convert all email addresses to mailto links or display them as plain text.

Email Protector has an extra (default) setting to leave the email addresses as you create them in the content. So if the email address is a mailto link, it leaves it as a link. And when it is only text, leave it like that.

Название: Email Protector

Студия: Nonumber

Версия: Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x - 1.2.5

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