Разное - Расширения Joomla

Разное - Расширения Joomla

Разное - множество разных расширений для joomla, которые легко увеличат функциональность вашего сайта. Огромный набор эффективных инструментов для вашего joomla сайта.

  • Magic Image Accordion - модуль joomla


    Magic Image Accordion is a user-friendly, highly customizable and easy to integrate solution to build your galleries the way you want them. This is the case when the gallery says more than simple words.

  • countdownMP - модуль joomla


    There is not a simpler way to countdown the days, hours, minutes, seconds till the New Year, Christmas, Easter or any other event, than the coolest CountdownMP. This simple and yet helpful module is designed to satisfy all of your demands, is best suited to advert new discount promotion or promote special events and with this little addon to your website you can do all that.

  • RokLegacy Extensions - расширения joomla


    This section is to list all the legacy extensions, former standalone free or club extensions that are no longer supported, but still available for download. Support is in regards to forum support as well as updates. A legacy extension is typically superseded, in terms of functionality, by a more recent extension, such as RokSprocket.

  • RokUtilities - расширения joomla


    This section is to list all the utility extensions. These are a variation of currently supported and legacy extensions, that provide a supporting role to the main extensions or templates. Extensions range from one-off installation plugins to correct errors, to supporting plugins for ajax and other functionality, and small standalone feature plugins.

  • Weblinks Plus Pro - компонент joomla


    An evolution on the traditional weblinks component, this time with the option to display your links in a grid fashion along with custom images, article linking and automatic thumbnails. Give your link collection and attractive view with easy management and our latest media browser. This component does not overwrite your core Weblinks component. Also included with the package is the powerful Weblinks Pro Wall Module.