Стиль и дизайн - Расширения Joomla

Стиль и дизайн - Расширения Joomla

Стиль и дизайн - расширения для joomla, которые позволят вам с легкостью изменить и дополнить дизайн вашего сайта. Приукрасите ваш сайт чтобы привлечь внимание ваших посетителей.

  • Xpert Scrollbar - плагин joomla


    XScrollbar is a Joomla! plugin for custom browser Scrollbars. It gives a consistent look browser scrollbar. XScrollbar based on most popular NiceScroll jQuery plugin. You can customize your browser Scrollbar without writing a single line of code.

  • JUX Background Slideshow - модуль joomla


    JUX Background Slideshow is a beautiful, easy-to-use and fullscreen background slideshow module for Joomla 3.x. JUX Background Slideshow brings your site’s visitors a brand new and fancy experience with full-page images running with multiple effects. The slideshow enable you to easily display your image gallery with many animation effects: fade, slide in from top, bottom, right or left, or carousel…

  • JUX Background Video - модуль joomla


    JUX Background Video is an innovative fullscreen background video module for Joomla! JUX Background Video will make your site’s viewers be amazed with the fullscreen videos playing on your site. It allows you to easily add fit-to-fill incorporating background videos to your website. People come to your site will just enjoy what you have with comfort. The module is very flexible in stretching your videos to fill the screen and makes it harmonize with your site’s content. Also, you can set the default volume or play silent ambient background video.

  • YouTube Background - модуль joomla


    The easiest way to add life to your website, this module places one or more YouTube videos as a rotating background animation on the entire site or just a delimited area.

  • BT Background Slideshow - модуль joomla


    BT Background Slideshow is Responsive module. It helps display images, videos as slideshow pages in the background of your website with large view and impressive transition effects. Available sources: computer folder, Flickr Album, Joomla Folder, Picasa Album, Phoca Gallery, Youtube…