JoomlaXTC - Расширения Joomla

JoomlaXTC - Расширения Joomla

Большое количество функциональных расширений от профессионалов JoomlaXTC. Качественные расширения повысят функционал и эффективность вашего joomla сайта.


The Grid Gallery is an easy-to-use component to create image and video galleries of your portfolio or cool pictures in an attractive and engaging way.


The perfect companion for HikaShop, the HikaShop Product Wall takes your online store to a whole new level! Entice your customers by showcasing products in a myriad ways using pre-made templates or apply your own custom HTML and CSS to display product images, information and add to cart forms.


The JoomlaXTC Image Wall module is the easiest way to present attractive image galleries on your website: the animation effects, layout capabilities and the option of using your own custom designs provide incredible yet easy-to-use flexibility to showcase your images. Configure the module to look for images anywhere in your website directory and use our famous Wall features to create animated slideshows, draggable walls, multiple-page displays, tooltips, hover effects and anything else you can imagine.


Our Complete collection of JomSocial Walls for one low price.

  • Jomsocial Activity Wall
  • Jomsocial Avatar Wall
  • Jomsocial Event Wall
  • Jomsocial Gallery Wall
  • Jomsocial Group Wall
  • Jomsocial Video Wall

The K2 Content Wall Suite gives you complete control over layout and style of K2 Content, Avatars and Comments in our K2 Combo Suite. The King of K2 Content modules the JoomlaXTC K2 Content Wall makes your site the ultimate K2 network with ease by displaying your K2 content with custom CSS and HTML in a module position. Choose your articles with category, section, and more control than ever. Customize your vision of content by using the module’s ability to display Joomla Plugins in articles, display columns, grids, as well as scrolling content for sliders and slideshows.