Joomlart - Расширения Joomla

Joomlart - Расширения Joomla

Большая сборка качественных расширений для Joomla от очень популярной студии Joomlart. Высоко-функциональные компоненты, модули и плагины в вашем распоряжении.


JoomlArt is proud to introduce JA Extensions Manager, a brand new component for Joomla .The component aims to bring a new way to manage extensions: upgrade, rollback, remote install, internal repository and compare versions. Our development team promised to transform old extensions management into a new and modern one. The component has its roots in the Joomla Extensions Manager, but it comes with new features to speed up and ease the processes.


JA Social Locker module is the best choice if you want to boost your campaign, it helps increase traffic to your site by encourage people to share your content via social channels. The module will lock your desired content (promotion info, coupon code ...) in any article. The locked content is only displayed to user when they share your content via their social chanels: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. The module comes with multiple pre-made themes and buttons styles, it's also easy to customize style.


JA K2 Filter and Search - Очень мощный модуль поиска, который обеспечивает возможность поиска и фильтрации для хорошо зарекомендовавшего себя компонента К2. Работа данного модуля базируется на основе дополнительных параметров полей. Данное расширение поставляется одним модулем и двумя плагинами которые служат для расширенной настройки вывода поиска. В настройках плагинов присутствует обширный круг настроек фильтрации поиска и дополнительных полей по компоненту К2.


JA Amazon S3 Component brings the power of cloud computing to Joomla Hybrid hosting is now possible, load site from your server and files (images/ documents) from Amazon CDN (Content Delivery Network). Install, upload files and enjoy the benefits of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cloud hosting! It works on a simple principle of file uploading and updating their location path on the fly.


The JA Social Feed Plug-in imports content automatically from popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and Flickr and adds to the Joomla or K2 category as articles. The plugin allows you to import content automatically from many different popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and Flickr. For each social feed, you can create unlimited profiles to get content from. If you don't want to import content from specific profiles, just disable the profile. The imported content from profiles in social feeds will be stored in your site as Joomla or K2 articles, it's up to you. When the original content of an article imported to your site is changed, you can update the changes to the article by enabling the option "Update article", then run the importing function. If you disable this option, the imported content is text only.