Шаблоны Joomla 1.5

Шаблоны Joomla 1.5

Сборка самых популярных шаблонов joomla от различных веб-студий для версии Joomla 1.5. Шаблоны различных тематик и дизайна подойдут если вы решили создать сайт на joomla 1.5.

  • JM School - шаблон joomla


    An excelent template for primary schools and also for other education or hobby themes that relates to children. The grapgic design is colourful, filled up with positive energy like childern's behaviour. The template can be used to built a website, which will encourage young people to take up a specified activity e.g. painting, reading books or practice some kinds of sport.

  • JM Fashion Catalog - шаблон joomla


    A perfect and elegant graphic design for any kind of products that you would like to display as a catalog of your store stock. The graphic design is light and doesn't impact on global view of the website that may be filled with many your products' images. That makes the website clear and easy to navigate. DJ-catalog2 component seems to be most suitable solution for that theme, taking into consideration its functionality. Moreover, dj-imageslider that is placed at the front page will display most fancy images as an evidence of your unique brand.

  • JM Baby Catalog - шаблон joomla


    Excelent and uniqe graphic design for baby theme.The demo website contains our new DJ-Catalog2 joomla component, which can be used to create your own gallery of photographs with their descriptions or products presentation with prices.Other introduced extension is DJ-Imageslider joomla component and module, which rotates examples of articles.

  • JM Business01 - шаблон joomla


    Very simple and clean business template. Ideal for those, for whom the content contained on the website is paramount. Lightness and subdued colors give an effect of professionalism. The template can be easily modified if you do not like the template's colors used here. The template uses: DJ-Menu module, DJ-ImageSlider component and module and the new great module for Facebook Fan Box - DJ-LikeBox, check it!

  • DJ Insurance - шаблон joomla


    A unique graphic design of dj-insurance joomla template will catch your potential clients eyes. Two-colored scheme of blue and gray, without useless garish or multi-coloured elements will pay attention to the importance of the introduced content - which raise up the trust to the offer of your company.