Smartaddons - Расширения Joomla

Smartaddons - Расширения Joomla

Большое количество расширений для Joomla от весьма молодой веб-студии Smartaddons. Очень качественные компоненты, модули и плагины для joomla, которые несомненно помогут вам при создании joomla сайта.


SJ Categories Full for HikaShop has been released and supports for HikaShop component, Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x as well. Showing your products has become more professional and easier with this powerful module than ever. Take a look at our demonstration of this module, you will realize that items of each category are arranged in a clear and modern way with support of 2 main layouts. By using mousewheel or click into direction button, group of items appear smoothly with preview image, title, description and link to detail of each item.


Let's welcome the very first module for Hikashop component, which is called SJ Extra Slider and mainly developed to support for HikaShop component, Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x as well. Surprising a big number of visitors each time access your website with this module should be placed at high priority in order to reach more traffic goals. SJ Extra Slider for HikaShop is supposed to be an ideal module integrated with diversity of both simple and professional effects for displaying items on your frontpage. Take a look at our demonstration you will see 7 layout styles supported and works well under any conditions.


SJ Carousel for SobiPro - new module for displaying multiple images and/or other contents within a single area on a website in an effective and simple way. This module is inherited previous features of SJ Carousel for Zoo which mainly focuses on responsive layout and powerful library support to show the best representative products of website. At first sight, you will see one-and-only frame of large images attached with impressive title and brief description of items, supported by smooth sliding effect. So the rest thing you need to do is to pick up information you like by hovering and clicking into chosen items, then the whole picture and detailed information following it will turn up as usual.


SJ Cool Showcase for SobiPro is a great choice for frontpage of websites such as business, technology, news, selling-product websites and etc, with wonderful sliding effects, high quality, large images and should be placed at highlighted position of website (Homepage) to attract a considerable number of audiences. At first sight, with clean and clear layout structure, auto/clicked slide effects integration and specific price, title & brief item description, SJ Cool Showcase for SobiPro helps viewers catch the quick overview of entries within it. Integrated buttons or direction navigation bar also play role in making a professional slideshow as well as the outlook of website.


Установка модуля SJ Mega Slider for ZOO для сайта на Joomla - это хороший способ решения проблемы красивого отображения материала на ваших сайтах. В нем удобная и простая навигация, предусмотрена возможность настройки смены слайдов с отличающимся анимационным эффектом. Модуль SJ Mega Slider for Zoo позволяет вывести не только фотографию, но и описание к ней. Помимо этого, в нем реализуется возможность показывать кнопку социальной сети, тега или статьи по теме. Для веб-мастера важным фактором будет наличие удобного интерфейса администраторской панели в данном модуле.