RokUpdater allows you to update the latest versions of your favorite RocketTheme club extensions from within your site's Joomla administrator without having to download the update directly from RocketTheme's site. It utilizes your club membership credentials in order to facilitate the download and installation of these updates.


Authenticate With RocketTheme

RokUpdater activates a login form in a popup right from your administrator. Using your credentials, authenticate with us to update your club extensions. Our login form also provides direct links to our Username & Password reminder forms in case you have forgotten. Once you've confirmed your credentials, login to RokUpdater.

Administrator Driven

RokUpdater provides our RocketTheme members (with a current Joomla or Extensions Membership) the exclusive option to update our club extensions directly from their admin. To see which extensions need to be updated, please visit Extensions > Extensions Manager > Update. Then, login to RokUpdater to begin updating your club extensions.

Название: RokUpdater

Студия: RocketTheme

Версия: Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x - 1.0.8

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