This section is to list all the utility extensions. These are a variation of currently supported and legacy extensions, that provide a supporting role to the main extensions or templates. Extensions range from one-off installation plugins to correct errors, to supporting plugins for ajax and other functionality, and small standalone feature plugins.


About RokUtilities

RokUpdates - Clean RokUpdatesClean fixes the Could not connect to resource: /update.xml error. Install and it will automatically delete itself.

RokSocialButtons - RokSocialButtons is a basic content plugin to display social links such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, with options for manual or category level addition.

RokInjectButton - RokInjectModule is bundle installed with RokSprocket, but also standalone here. It allows for modules to be injected into content via the [module-#] command.

RokModule (Legacy) - RokModule is a support extension to add ajax functionality to certain modules. Its used in older versions of RokStock, RokWeather and RokNewsPager.

Название: RokUtilities

Студия: RocketTheme

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