With Components Anywhere you can place components anywhere in your site. So you can now place a component inside an article or even within modules. The syntax is super simple. Just place {component url/of/the/component} where you want that component to show. For instance, you have a form component - that does not come with its own module version - and you want to display the form in a module.

Let's say the url of the form is:

Just create a new module of the type 'Custom HTML module' and place this in the content editor: {component index.php?component=com_myform&formid=123}

PS: You can also use SEF urls inside the {component} tag, but I recommend you use non-SEF urls when possible.

Название: Components Anywhere

Студия: Nonumber

Версия: Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x - 1.1.3

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