BJ Wonderful Blinds is a very advanced tool to create professional looking dynamic flash banners and slideshows. With a simple design elements and classic animation make it ideal for any project that requires a banner rotator.

Особенности модуля:

  • Supports images (JPG, PNG, GIF);
  • Support special characters (au?ceeeeiio?uuUUU?OIIEEEEC?AAA);
  • You can move on the axis x (the distance from the left) and y (the distance from the top) each content text;
  • You can change the color for each text background text;
  • You can set delay time, buttons space, blinds number, blinds space;
  • You can show or hide the arrows and play/pause buttons;
  • You can choose four effects for blinds;
  • Link can be added for each image;
  • Super easy to use and very customizable!

Название: BJ Wonderful Blinds

Студия: BestJoom

Размер: 1 Мб

Версия: Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x - 1.0.1

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